Public Notary

Do you require the services of a Public Notary in Perth?

Ian Murie is a highly regarded Public Notary in Perth who was appointed by the Supreme Court of Western Australia in 1989. He provides notarial services for individuals, businesses, corporate solicitors, banks and international financial service providers based in Australia and overseas.

A Public Notary is essentially an international Justice of the Peace. He can take affidavits and statutory declarations, administer oaths, and certify, authenticate and witness documents for use in Australia and foreign countries.

As a Public Notary, Ian has the authority to:

  • Administer oaths
  • Attest identities & signatures
  • Authenticate & certify documents
  • Witness Australian & overseas documents
  • Complete notarial acts
  • Take affidavits for use overseas
  • Administer affirmations & declarations
  • Notarise business documents & deeds
  • Issue notarial certificates
  • Draw up powers of attorney
  • Prepare legal documents
  • Witness signatures of foreign Wills
  • Certify Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates
  • Obtain “Apostille” legalisation
  • Obtain legalisation with foreign Embassies